5 Hot Summer Binges

Summer is here! Time to relax and unwind. This is also a time to catch up on old shows and watch some new ones. If you are looking for some new shows to watch or maybe binge, here are some ideas.


5. Hart of Dixie 

This show is about a girl who was from New York who thought she had her life figured out. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. She finds her self in a small town called Bluebell trying to find out who she really is. It isn’t easy, but this town might just be what she needed.


4. Baby Daddy 

What would you do if a baby just showed up on your doorstep? This is what happens to Ben Wheeler. He finds himself a father to a baby girl named Emma. With the help of his family and friends, he figures out what being a father really means.


3. Royal Pains

A good summer show to watch is Royal Pains. It is set in the Hamptons which is definitely the perfect setting for a summer break. This show is about a concierge doctor who diagnoses the Hampton’s elite.


2. Revenge

This show is a great drama to watch. This is about a girl whose dad was wrongfully accused for a crime he didn’t commit. When she gets older, she decides to avenge her father and clear his name. The way she does that is by going after the people that did this to him.


1. Grey’s Anatomy

Everyone has at least heard of this show. It has been on forever and I still watch it. This show is about doctors and their surgeries and the patients that they meet everyday. We also get a glimpse into their own lives.

greys anatomy

These are just some shows that I thought we good binges for the summer. I try to mix it up once in a while to give you guys different options. If these binges aren’t your cup of tea, than check out the links below. These are some other posts I have done about binge worthy TV shows.

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I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. If you did please give a like, and please comment about other binge worthy TV shows I should check out. And don’t forget that The Show Must Go On.

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