10 Great TV Dads

Father’s day is just around the corner so I decided to take a look at some of the father’s on television. Here are some awesome TV dads that we have watched on television.

10. Michael Kyle: He was the Father on My Wife and Kids. He made us laugh and made fun of his kids a lot of times, but he was always there for them. No matter how crazy they were he was right by their side.

my-wife & -kids

9. Mark Sloan: He was a father on Grey’s Anatomy. He wasn’t a father very long but he sure did love his little girl Sophia. It is so sad that Mark didn’t get to see her grow up.


8. Henry Spencer: He was the father on the show Psych. He never liked his son was not as serious as he is. That never stopped him from running to his son’s rescue when he was in trouble.


7.Derek Shepherd: Many may know him from Grey’s Anatomy. He wanted to be a father as soon as he looked into Zola’s eyes. The love that he has for all his kids is amazing.


6. Rogelio de la Vega: He was the father from Jane The Virgin. He was late to father game but as soon as he found out he dived all in. He says becoming a father was the best thing that happened to him.



5.Richard Webber: He is also a father on Grey’s Anatomy. He didn’t realized that he was a father till recently. Before that, he was a father figure to Meredith. Even though she wan’t his daughter, he treated her like she was his own.


4. Danny Tanner: Also a well known father, he was on Full House and raised 3 girls. He did everything that he could for those girls. He was a single father that would be there whenever his girls needed him.


3. Carl Winslow: A classic guy on a classic show. I grew up watching this guy on TV. On Family Matters, Carl was the family man. He loved his children and whole family. Everything that he did was for them.


2. Richard Gilmore: The father and grandfather on Gilmore Girls. He wasn’t the most emotional guy but he had a lifetime of knowledge. When he did show his emotions, they meant that much more to anyone.


1. Philip Banks: AKA Uncle Phil. He was the father and uncle on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He was funny, educated, and loving. He made sure that everyone had what they needed. He took in his nephew and treated him like his own. He was the father figure that he never had. We love you Uncle Phil!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

These are some TV dads that I love but they are not the only ones. I just want to wish all the fathers and father figures out there a Happy Father’s Day. If there are any other TV dads you like, please comment them below. And don’t forget that The Show Must Go On.

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