The Arrangement


What Up Everybody!

This show I will be talking about is a show on E! I saw a whole lot of reviews for it before it even premiered and I was very excited for it. All the promos that I saw were really good so I was happy to check out the show. I wasn’t able to watch it live but recently I able to catch up on all the episodes I missed. 

This show is about two celebrities with one being an A-list one and the other getting started with her career. The basis of the show is that they have an arrangement between them that focus on their relationship. It is actually a contract relationship. I found this to be extremely interesting. I never have heard of a contract within a relationship unless it is a prenup. I was thinking while watching if this type of thing actually happens. This show definitely isn’t all about the relationship. It is a main part but there are some other things going on too that are also crazy.

Anyway, I think the show was good and the first season ended on a cliff hanger so i’m ready to see what happens next season. You best believe I will watching because of the ways it ended were crazy. This is show is definitely Romance and Drama, so if that is your thing you will probably enjoy it.

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