Still Star Crossed


If you haven’t heard yet, this is the new show by Shonda Rhimes and her team. I had seen promos for it and thought the show looked interesting. When I found out who created it, I got even more curious. 

This show is about Romeo and Juliet but with a twist. The show starts off where the original play ends, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. It shows what happens to the rest of the town and how everyone is affected after their deaths. I like this twist because I never really thought about what happened after they died. I like how this reveals how the story doesn’t just end with them.

This is a new show for the summer, so I have only seen 3 episodes. I love shows like this and that are set in this era so I am enjoying it. I was surprised that this show was in the summer because of TGIT success. I guess they decided they needed a change. It isn’t on the same level as other shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, of How to Get Away With Murder. By that I mean it isn’t the same kind of intensity or drama, but I am hoping that it will eventually get to that level. I am excited to see where it goes and I wish it does well during the summer.  If you are interested, you should watch it. I know I will.

And don’t forget The Show Must Go On.

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