Pretty Little Liars Finale


What Up!

It has been 7 years and the show is finally over. I honestly didn’t think this day would come up this soon. I did watch the finale and I will go into more detail later, but my overall feelings about it were bitter sweet. I remember being in high school watching the show and then coming back the next day and talking to my friends about it. I will miss it a little but I do think that it ran its course.

There are spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen it. Do not read ahead.

Things that I enjoyed were: The baby twins, the wedding, the moms. The wedding of Aria and Ezra I have to admit was really nice. The first one didn’t go so well but they finally made it happen and it was beautiful. I loved the baby twins because they were super cute. One of my favorite things were the moms. I absolutely loved them and I wish they were on the show more. I would love to see them in a spin off show. A lot of people were talking about this on Twitter.

Something I didn’t like was the ending. I didn’t like how the very same scene that happened in the beginning happened in the end. I can understand why they would do it that way but for me personally, I don’t think it should have been the way to end this type of show. I think if they ended with Mona, it would have been better.

These are just some of my thoughts of the finale. If you agree or disagree, let me know. And The Show Must Go On.

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