Binge of the month: The Keepers

the keepers

Hey, Hey, Hey!

So today I will be talking about The Keepers. This is a documentary show about the death of a nun. A nun named Cathy Cesnik had disappeared in 1969 and then 2 months later her body was found. This show is about her students who are still trying to figure out what happened to her.

There are so many things at that time that were never answered and people still want to know what happened. Throughout this series, they go through what led up to her death and who could have been apart of her disappearance and death. There are many theories and suspects but there is no hard proof of what exactly happened.

I really like how they told the story. I think they did it in a really good way and it kept me wanting to know more. If you enjoyed Making a Murderer than you will enjoy this show too. This is a Netflix original and it is really good. If you have seen this show already let me know what you think in the comments below. And remember The Show Must Go On.

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