Fall Shows: For The People


Hey! Hey! Hey!

This is one show that I am really excited about seeing in the fall. This show is about new lawyers for the prosecution and defense getting started in their career. They are taking on huge cases and going against each other in the court room.

This is another show by Shondaland, and I am a huge fan so I am excited for this new show. This is a new type of legal show that they are doing. How To Get Away With Murder is another legal show that has been doing well. I am so interested to see what this new show looks like and how well it does.

Britt Robertson is also said to be joining the cast of the show. She will be replacing Britne Oldford. I really like Britt Robertson and I loved her in Girlboss. I was really upset to hear that it wasn’t getting another season but I will be looking forward to seeing her in a new role.

Keep a lookout for this new fall show that will be coming to ABC. This is one show I am excited to see. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And don’t forget The Show Must Go On.

Photo from: abc.go.com