New Fall Shows: Young Sheldon


Shows, Shows, Shows!

Are you tired of me talking about all the new fall shows? Well sorry, because i’m not tired about talking about them. The next show to talk about is Young Sheldon. This show is a spin off of the successful show The Big Bang Theory.

This show is more of a prequel because it looks at the life of Sheldon when he was younger. The show starts when he is entering high school but he skipped a few grades because of how smart he is. So he is a young kid in a high school environment which should make for a interesting show. It is still the same old Sheldon but at a younger age. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon always talks about his childhood and wild stories. I can’t wait to see some of those played out and what else is in store.

This show will be coming to CBS this fall, and with the success of The Big Bang Theory I am expecting great things. Let me know your thoughts with the comments below.

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