New Fall Shows: The Gifted




A show that I am super excited to see is The Gifted. This show is brought to you by Marvel. It is about people with supernatural powers. With these powers comes a lot of danger. There are people who arrest them just for having these powers. Who these people can trust and survival are two very important in their life.

The show centers around this one family where both the son and daughter have special powers. The situation these two kids are in is difficult, because their dad is someone that puts people with special powers in jail. They now need to survive and find people to help them in a world that sees them as enemies.

I am a huge fan of Marvel and I have enjoyed a lot of other shows they have made. This show looks so good and I hope it lives up to the hype. Fox this fall looks like it is going to be so good. They have so many good shows coming up and I will be glued to their station. Let me know what you think of this new show and other shows on Fox in the comments below. And remember The Show Must Go On. 

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