Bittersweet: Coming and Going


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This post is going to talk about a couple different things. That is why I am calling the title bittersweet because some things have come to an end but others are just beginning. The first thing that I want to talk about is the ending of Teen Wolf.

I can’t believe that it is the end. After I watched the finale, I just wanted to binge watch all the episodes. I like all the people that they brought back and the end I thought was overall good. What I didn’t like was the lack of Stydia. I really was hoping for more Stydia moments in this last episode. Teen Wolf fans have been waiting years for this relationship and I don’t think that we were given enough of Stydia to satisfy us. Other than that, I loved this Teen Wolf journey and I wish that it could have lasted longer. I will miss this amazing cast but I will definitely be following their careers.

Now let’s talk about what it coming up. Fall TV is here and I am so excited! Some shows I am excited for are The Middle, This Is Us, The Gifted, and of course TGIT. This is only a sample of what I will be watching. I have gotten into the habit of making a list of all the shows that I want to watch weekly during the Fall. These are the shows I will give my priority and try to stay the most dedicated to.

Fall TV Schedule

I set up this schedule so I know what shows come on what days. Believe it or not when you watch as many shows as I try to, you can get a little confused. This load of shows is a little light for me because I am trying to just focus on the shows that I truly enjoy watching. You don’t have to make a physical schedule like me. There are apps that do this for you but I prefer my list because I can visualize it better. I may add some shows to it but it is a good basis.

Let me know what shows you will be watching this fall. And always remember The Show Must Go On.

New Fall Shows: The Gifted

New Fall Shows: Ghosted

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