5 Shows to Watch For the Halloween Season

It’s October and it is officially fall! That also means Halloween is just around the corner. This means more creepy, spooky, and scary things to be seen. I must confess I am a wimp and not a huge fan of anything scary. I like more suspenseful if that makes any kind of sense. That doesn’t keep me from trying to find great scary shows to you guys. So lets this this list started. 

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5. Supernatural – This is a show about 2 brothers who travel all over the country searching for monsters and other supernatural creatures. When they read something suspicious in the news or get a call from a friend, they go and kill whatever creature is causing trouble. With all the monsters that they fight, this makes a great one to watch as we get closer to Halloween.


4. Scream – This show was adapted from the movie. This show starts with with social media and a cyber bulling incident and it happens to go viral. This causes there to be a new killer on the loose and they are out for blood. This show is filled with some crazy and some scary. So if you are someone who likes being scared around this time of year, this is the show for you.



3. The Walking Dead – This is a very popular show and if you aren’t already watching then you should start. This show is about surviving the recent zombie apocalypse and how people are struggling to stay alive in this world. In an effort to stay safe, they are constantly moving and searching for safes places to stay. A show about zombies is the perfect way to get ready for Halloween.


2. American Horror Story – It has the word horror so that should tell you something. This show has a different set of characters and story line in each season. Some of the different miniseries they have had were Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show, and many others. Each season has its own set of  horror that will leave you scared. This is another popular show that would give you some Halloween spirit.


1. Stranger Things – This is a science fiction show based in the 80’s. This starts with a boy named Will who goes missing. As his family and friends are searching for him different answers and mysteries start coming to light. This is one of my favorite shows at the moment and the acting is phenomenal. This definitely a great show for the Halloween season. 

These are just a few shows for you to check out this time of year. If you wanted to check out some more click on the links below. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts. And The Show Must Go On.

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