My Fall TV Progress Report


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So around the beginning of fall, I gave you guys a list of all the shows that I was going to keep up with this season. I made a schedule for myself and for you guys to see what shows I will be talking about on my social media. Since most the shows are now a break for the holidays, I wanted to give you guys a progress report on how well I have been keeping up or not keeping up with the shows that I chose.

If you need a reminder of the shows that I am keeping up with, here is the link below

Bittersweet: Coming and Going

To my surprise, I have been doing pretty well. Thursday has been my best day so far. I have committed to TGIT. I haven’t missed an episode and if I did I was pretty quick to catch up on On Demand. Riverdale and This is Us are also shows that I watched every week. They are both addicting and so good that I felt a need to watch them as soon as I possibly could. All of these shows were the ones that I haven’t missed an episode and I made sure to watch every week. I think the reason behind that is because of the fandoms surrounding all of these. If I went on any social media before seeing these, then I know I would have seen a spoiler. This might have persuaded me to watch these shows a bit sooner than the other ones.

Jane The Virgin, The Gifted, and The Middle are shows I haven’t done the best at keeping up with. I have been watching them but it has taken me a couple of days to catch up. I may be behind one episode for these but I make sure to watch it before the next episode comes out. I am not sure why I am not keeping up with these as much, but I am still dedicated to seeing the whole season for all three. I will be making sure to stay on top of them in the future.

The shows I completely dropped the ball on are Ghosted and Dynasty. I just stopped watching. They are probably very good shows but I just stopped watching them. I believe the reason is because they seemed like the least important to keep up with so somewhere along the way I just stopped watching. I am going to try to catch up on them during the Christmas break.

That is about it on my progress with fall TV shows. Just wanted to keep you guys up to date on what I am watching. Please comment below and the shows you are keeping up with this year. AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Stranger Things 2

Team Adam?

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