Get Ready For Bingemas

Hey! Hey! Hey!

So for this month I will be starting a new series called Bingemas! I love Christmas and I love TV so I decided to combine them with this fun series. So what is Bingemas and what should you watch out for? Bingemas will be happening a couple times week. I will be doing new shows that I have never watched before and I will be telling you guys what I watched and what I thought about them. One rule that I made was that each show I watch has to be no more than 4 seasons long. I did this because I wanted to watch as many shows as I could for the month of December. I also chose 4 seasons because I thought that would be a good amount of seasons for people to watch over Christmas break.

This series gives me a chance to watch a lot of shows that I have been putting off. I also get to explore a lot of different genres that I wouldn’t really before. I am so excited to do this and working really hard to bring more content for you guys. I have been slacking lately but I am trying to do better this month. I really want to hear your feedback, please let me know what you like and don’t like as this series continues. Let me know in the comments what you want me to watch and check out. And as always, The Show Must Go On.

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