Bingemas: The Borgias


Yay! It is officially time for Bingemas!

The first show in this series I will talk about ( if you haven’t figured out from the title) is The Borgias. I love period pieces and that was a reason that I started to check it out in the first place.

This show is about a cardinal who becomes pope and how is family try to take over Italy little by little. Let’s just say the way that he became it is not how you think. If I could sum up this show in 1 word, it would be DRAMA! Let me give you some reasons why without giving to much away. Pope Borgia has a family with his long time mistress and once he gets into a position of power he uses it to his advantage. He makes sure that all of his children are in a position to make alliances with other countries. To be as powerful as he wants to be you need alliances and that is what he is focused on. With all these moves he is making, comes with many enemies and some are closer than you think. There is almost nothing this family won’t do to get what they want, but that is what makes you want to keep watching.

My overall reaction of the show is that it was good. I didn’t love the ending but I do think that it was a good show to watch. It wasn’t my favorite but it was ok. If you like drama or period pieces, than this is probably a show for you. This show is on Netflix and it is three seasons so not to long. Make sure to come back for next show in the Bingemas series.

Leave your comments below about what you think about the show or this series do far. And The Show Must Go On

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