Happy New Year

First post of the year! 
I am excited for the year to come. 2017 was an important year because I finally  bought my web domain. It was one of the best decisions I have made last year. I debated it for a while but I am glad that I decided to follow through.

For 2018, I want this blog to be even better. One of my new years resolution is to create better content and be more consistent. I really love talking about TV shows and I want that passion to show through my posts. I am still learning on how to be a better blogger and the journey will not be short. I just hope you guys are patient with me. I have big plans and a lot of ideas for the year ahead. I hope you are willing to take this journey with me. Thank you for supporting me this far and I hope this support will continue. 

I will be watching new shows and will have new series coming. Please give me feedback on the posts so I know what you like and what you don’t like. My goal is to post twice a week on Monday and Thursday. I also hope to be more on social media. Happy New Year and let us make it a great one. And remember The Show Must Go On. 

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