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What Up! What Up! What Up!
I have been waiting for Grownish to premiere since it was announced. Grownish is a spinoff of the successful show Blackish. Yara Shahidi plays the main character Zoey who is going off to college. I have been a huge fan of hers and I am excited to see her with her own spin off.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The structure of the show is similar to Blackish, with Zoey talking directly to the camera. I feel this one has a little bit more freedom with content. To me, that is a good thing for this show and I think Freeform is a great channel for it. One thing that I loved from the start was the diverse cast. It wasn’t just diverse by race but also by religious background. Another thing I liked, was the breakfast club comparison and how they all became friends. Similar to the movie, they are all different and probably wouldn’t have become friends if wasn’t for a moment that brought them together. In this show, it is their midnight class the all happen to be in because of late registration. By the way, who has a midnight class? I didn’t know they even offered that in college. You best believe that I wouldn’t be in that class because I love my sleep to much. Anyway, the cast for this show I was super excited about, with the singers Chloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, and actress Francia Raisa. When I saw they were a part of the cast for this show, I knew it was going to be good!

I was happy with the show so far and I do think that they touched on issues that actual College students are going through. In college well at least for me, you care what people think. It isn’t until later that you realize that you don’t care anymore and you decide to be yourself. Also in college, you think you know everything when in reality you don’t know anything. You learn that as you grow up.

This show had me laughing and reliving my college days. I cant wait to see more episodes and what issues they tackle next. This show is on Freeform on Wednesday nights. Let me know your thoughts below on the first 2 episodes. And don’t forget The Show Must Go On.

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