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I finally finished the 2nd part of season 3 for Fuller House. I kept putting it off because I was doing Bingemas and I binged Reign. Finally, for the new year I decided to watch Fuller House.

*Spoilers ahead*

I feel like a lot of things happened in these episodes. One big thing that happened was Steve’s wedding . In the show, they go to Japan for a wedding. While in Japan, DJ gets proposed to by Matt. She says yes, but her feelings for Steve are still there. Steve ends up not getting married because he still loves DJ. I could have told Steve that he still loved DJ. He was going to marry a woman named CJ who looked exactly like his ex. Anyone could have seen that coming. So DJ and Steve are officially a thing. I was sad about this because even though I did love Steve and DJ before, Matt was my choice. I thought that they were perfect together and I was sad to see it end.

Another big part of the episodes, was Stephanie’s baby journey. Previously, we saw that Stephanie wanted to have a child. She herself can’t have kids but throughout the show she is looking for the perfect surrogate. At the end of the season, we see that she has found a surrogate and will be having a baby. I loved this part of the show. I wanted this for Stephanie so bad and I am glad it happened.

The last thing that I believe was important was the family.  Danny and Becky ended up losing their jobs and will be moving back to San Francisco. Let us not forget about Joey. He too will be moving back to San Franciso. The whole gang will be back together again. That is important because we will be seeing more of the extended family. I wonder what next season will be like seeing more of the Tanners.

Overall, I thought these episodes were ok. I did like previous seasons better, but I am hoping the next one will improve.

Let me know your thought of the most recent episodes. And The Show Must always Go On.

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  1. I haven’t watched Fuller House, but it sounds like a fun family show. I did used to watch Full House and it would be nice to see what they did this time around!

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