Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team


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This post is for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans. Well, it is for everyone but if you really enjoy Grey’s Anatomy than you will probably like this news. Grey’s Anatomy has created a new spin off series. The series is called Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team. This is a web series on the ABC website and it focuses on the current interns of Grey’s Anatomy.  This series has 6 episodes and it is being directed by Sarah Drew.

I like how they are making this web series. They are so many people on Grey’s Anatomy that it is sometimes hard to focus on every single character. This series gives us a chance to learn more about the new interns that have joined the Grey’s Anatomy family.

This current spin off has me thinking, will there be more? Grey’s Anatomy has been successful and this isn’t the only spin off they have had. Private Practice was a previous one that did very well. Will this series stay on the web or will it come to TV? Will they eventually add more episodes? These are all questions that I would like to know the answers to.

Until that happens. check out the web series. It is on ABC website and it is FREE! It can’t get much better than that. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And don’t forget The Show Must Go On. 

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