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On Thursday during TGIT, ABC announced a new show coming in March. The show is called “Staion 19” and it is a spin off of “Grey’s Anatomy”.  This show will feature Ben Warren, the husband of Miranda Bailey, becoming a fire fighter. We will be following the life of the fire fighters in this station and may see some character cross overs from “Grey’s Anatomy”.  “Station 19” is in the same type of universe as “Grey’s Anatomy” unlike “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder”, so seeing more “Grey’s Anatomy” characters will be more likely.


This is another spin off of the show “Grey’s Anatomy”. A previous one was “Private Practice”, which lasted 6 seasons. Entering the world of fire fighters, is something we haven’t seen this company do yet, but I am so excited to see. I am interested to see what this show will be like. I love Warren on “Grey’s Anatomy” and I am happy that he gets to feature in this spin off. I wonder how he will be in this new atmosphere.

Guys! I am so excited for this show and I can’t wait to see it. I will be counting down the days. This show will most likely have our emotions on a roller coaster, just like every other Shondaland show. Keep a lookout for this show coming soon. It will be premiering March 22 on ABC. Let me know what you think of this newest addition to the Shondaland family. And as always The Show Must Go On.

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