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I am so excited for February posts that I have coming. It is a couple short series but a good ones in my opinion. The first post up is about brotherly love. I will be giginv you my top 10 bromances from all the shows I have seen. Bingeing a TV show can be addicting but what makes it even more fun are the relationships the characters have.

10. Chandler and Joey – Friends

gif - chandler and joey

These two are roommates that have become best friends. What makes this bromance work is how similar their personalities are. They both enjoy a lot of the same things and this is how their relationship has lasted so long.

9. Evan and Hank – Royal Pains

gif - royal pains

I love this brother duo so much. Together they decide to take over the hamptons with their concerige doctor business. They do not alway get along but they couldn’t live with out each other.

8. Merlin & Arthur – Merlin

gif - merlin

This at first was an unlikely frienship. Merlin is suppose to look after Arthur and is more like a servant. They eventually become very close and great friends. Arthur knows Melin will always be there for him.

7. Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas – Stranger Things

gif - stranger things

These boys are young but you can tell that this bond that they have will last a life time. They have already survived the upside down togethr, anything else will be a piece of cake.

6. Mark and Derek – Greys Anatomy

gif - greys anatomy

These two have been best friends for a long time. They definitely have had their rough patches. In the end, wheb they needed each other they were always there.

5. Dean and Sam – Supernatural

gif - dean and sam

This is another brother duo that is the absolute best. They fight all types of monstors, saving the world one day at a time. How more close could you be? They would die for each other and they both have. That is brotherly love at its finest.


4. Danny, Tucker, Ben – Baby Daddy

gif - baby daddy

I love the show Baby Daddy and one of the reasons that I do is because of these 3 guys. Their relationship is hilarious and the way they get on each other nerves is the best. Their bond is put to the test when they band together to take care of a baby that was left on their doorstep. That is a true bromance right there.

3. Scott and Stiles – Teen Wolf

gif - teen wolf

These two have been best friends from the very beginning. Stiles stood by Scott even when he found out he was a werewolf. They didn’t know what they what they were doing in the beginning, but soon figured out this crazy new world of theirs. They have an unbreakable bond that will last their whole lives.

2. Shawn and Gus – Psych

gif - psych

These two are hilarious. Sometimes I wonder how they are both friends. I then realize they are both the same amount of crazy. Gus seems all collected but he will always go along with Shawn’s crazy ideas.

1.Schdmidt and Nick – New Girl

gif - new girl

They do make a interesting friendship. They are polar opposites but somehow they have stayed friends for a long time. A true bromance is loving him for who he is.

Those are my top 10 bromances from the shows I have seen. These are only my opinions and where I think they should be rated. If there are other bromances you enjoy that aren’t on this list, let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this first post in the valentine’s day series. And The Show Must Go On.

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