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Hey Guys!

Today I will be talking about the show Bringing Up Bates. I don’t usually watch reality TV but every once in a while there is one show that will catch my eye. If you didn’t know already, this show is about a big family and their daily lives.

You get to see the lives of the parents and many of the older children that have grown up and started their own lives. This show has been on for many seasons and this particular season is focused on their daughter Tori getting engaged and eventually married.

If you are looking for a family TV show for everyone, this is one to check out. Like I said previously, this season is focused on the relationship of Tori and Bobby. I have been watching them grow as a couple and I think they are so cute. I am so excited to see them grow even more.

Many of the kids of the family are in new relationships and growing up. Watching this show just makes me feel good so that is why I wanted to share it with you.This show comes on Thursday nights on UP TV. Please leave comments below about what you think about this show. And remember The Show Must Go On.

Bringing Up Bates

Sandra Oh On a New Show

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