Galentine’s Day: My Top 10 TV Gal Pals

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I love Galentine’s day. Galentine’s day is the day before valentines day that you can celebrate with your girls. In honor of this day, here are some of my favorite Gal Pals on TV.

10. DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy – Fuller House

gif - fuller house
The She Wolf pack is a sister/friend bond that is awesome. They have come back all these years and their bond is closer than ever.

9. Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna – Pretty Little Liars

gif- pll
These girls have survived a lot in their lives. They survived A and Red Coat. It was just a whole lot of stuff going on in this town but heir bond stood the test.

8. Veronica and Betty – Riverdale

gif - Riverdale
This friendship was surprising at first but it turned out better than I thought. B and V stay by each others side through out their crazy town of Riverdale.

7. Blair and Serena – Gossip Girl

gif- gossip girl
These two ruled the upper east side together. From high school to marriage they have been together through it all.
6. Phoebe, Piper, Paige – Charmed

gif - charmed
They are sisters but also best friends. They are witches that save the world but their love for each other comes first.
5. Desna, Virginia, Polly, Jennifer, Quiet Ann – Claws

This is one of my newer favorite shows. Once I saw it I fell in love with the bond of these women. They are fierce and have stood by each other for a lot already.


4. Haley and Brooke – One Tree Hill

gif - oth
Many people may say Peyton and Brooke but Haley and Brooke were my favorite. They didn’t start out as the bests of friends but eventually they grew closer and Brooke was even the Godmother of Haley’s son.

3.Meredith and Christina – Grey’s Anatomy

gif - grey's anatomy
How could I not include these two women. They save peoples lives together. They are each others person and definitely deserve to be on this list.

2. Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia – Golden Girls

gif - golden girls

I love these women so much. They live together and they sure do get on each others nerves but are as thick as thieves.

1. Anne and Leslie -Parks and Recreation

gif - parks and rec
Of course these 2 would be my #1. This is a quirky friendship but their love is undeniable.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. If there are any other Gal Pals on TV that you love, let me know in the comments below. And as always The Show Must Go On.

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