10 of My Favorite TV Couples for Valentine’s Day

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So this is the last post of the Valentine’s Day series. I really enjoyed doing all these posts for you guys. This current post is somewhat similar to one I did last year.  The link is below if you want to check it out.

14 TV Couples Who Are Valentine’s Day Goals

This one definitely has different couples in it. I am constantly watching new shows and new couples are being introduced to me. So every year, this list is continuously changing. I like keeping it fresh and finding new TV couples I fall in love with. Enough of me babbling, here are 10 of my favorite TV couples for Valentine’s Day.

10. Tom and Sybil – Downton Abbey


These two were so adorable. I love an opposites attract kind of relationship. These two loved each other no matter what other people thought about their relationship. I think that is what I loved most about them.

9. Lexi and Mark – Grey’s Anatomy


This couple at first I wasn’t very fond of, but then I just fell in love with them. I think the surprise factor about their relationship is what I liked the most. They are different but they work and their love for each other made me love them even more.

8. Alex and Jo – Grey’s Anatomy


These two are so alike that they were meant to find each other and fall in love. They both have been through a lot and it is hard for them to let their walls down. Once they did, they were a perfect match.

7. Bash and Kenna – Reign


These two were forced together but eventually fell in love. I absolutely loved these two together. They eventually became my favorite couple on this show. They never thought they would be in this relationship but I am glad it happened.

6. Toby and Kate – This is US


These two are so good together. I love how Toby makes Kate feel happy and like the most important girl in the world. They are what each other needed and I am always excited to see them on screen.

5. Brooke and Julian – One Tree Hill


I always thought Brooke deserved a great guy and that was Julian. He was the guy that she always needed in her life and he needed her too. It took them a while to finally get to where they did, but all those obstacles were worth it.

4. Scott and Allison – Teen Wolf


I have always loved Scott and Allison together. They were so young and loved each other so much. It was the pureness of a first love that they had that I think people love so much. They had a lot of friction throughout  their relationship but in the end they still loved each other.

3.Jane and Raphael – Jane The Virgin


I love these two so much. Every time they weren’t together, I was just like what are they waiting for? I feel like they were always drawn to each other. Fate somehow played a part in their connection and how can you deny fate? These two come from different backgrounds but their chemistry is amazing.

2. Beth and Randall – This is Us


I love Beth and Randall so much. They are the relationship that I want to have. I think what I love so much about them is the banter that they have in every episode. You can tell that they were together for a long time and loved every minute.

1.Jim and Pam – The Office


These two are one of my favorite couples on TV. They started out as good friends and that turned into the relationship that they have now. Their previous friendship is what will make this relationship last forever.

I hope you guys enjoyed this last Valentine’s Day post. If there are other couples you like that aren’t on the list, please comment below. Also, keep a look out for the next series coming up. And as always The Show Must Go On.


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