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The last post of the series is here. I am sad that Bingemas is ending it was a lot of fun to see these shows. The show that I will be talking about is Monk. This show is a classic and I would watch over and over again. This is a crime show/comedy. It is about a detective who is a little different than others.
What makes this detective different is that he has obsessive compulsive disorder.  After the death of his wife, he developed this disorder and as a result he lost his job as a police officer. This makes the way that he solves crimes a bit different. The people around him don’t always see his ways and that is where a good part of the comedy comes in. If you want a good laugh, you need to watch Monk in action. It may seem that his obsessive compulsive disorder is what makes him the best detective. He sees things that other people don’t and that is how he gets the bad guys.

I love this show so much. It is so funny and one I will never get tired of. I give this show 5 stars ***** I have rated this so high because of how good it is and how it can be watched over again. To me, it is just a feel good show with a bit of mystery. You may not think think that it is that great but my rating will continue to be 5 stars. Let me know what you think of this post. Don’t forget And The Show Must Go On.

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