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Bingemas! Bingemas! Bingemas!

Another bingemas post is coming at you. This one is not about a marvel series. Surprise, Surprise. This show I will be talking about is called Shooter. It was originally a movie with Mark Wahlburg and now it has been turned into a show. The reason I decided to do this show is because Shantel VanSanten is in it. You might know her as the actress who played Quinn in One Tree Hill. I saw her in the previews for this show and I decided to check it out.

The show is about a former sniper named Bob Lee Swagger who is framed for shooting the President. During this ordeal, he is on the run and there are very few people that he can trust. He has to prove he is innocent, but doing that is not going to be easy when he is the most wanted man. Shantel VanSanten plays the wife of Bob Lee Swagger and to goes through a lot as the wife of a supposed killer. I love how strong her character is and how she doesn’t take anything from anybody.

It definitely has a lot of action to it. It was a little slow for me sometimes but it was a good watch. If you like military shows, then you will probably like this one. I would give it 3 stars ***. It was a show I liked but didn’t really love. I think this show could be even better so I hope they do more in the next season.

Let me know if you saw this show and what you thought of this post. We only have one more week of Bingemas so lets see what you guys think of these last few posts.  And remember The Show Must Go On.

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